PLACE OF BIRTH: Seattle, Washington

DATE OF BIRTH: June 19, 1947

FAMILY STATUS: Married; three children (Jeffrey, Julie, and Jonathan)

HEALTH: Excellent


RESIDENCY: Dermatology - University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado, 1975-1978; Chief Resident in Dermatology, 1978

INTERNSHIP: Internal Medicine - Creighton University Affiliated Hospitals, Omaha, Nebraska, 1973-1974

MEDICAL SCHOOL: Creighton University School of Medicine, Omaha, Nebraska, 1969-1973. Rank, 3rd in class of 85, Alpha Omega Alpha, Cum Laude

COLLEGE: University of California, Berkeley, California, 1965-1969

(Chemistry Major)

MEDICAL LICENSURE: California, 1974; Nevada, 1974; Colorado, 1975; Idaho, 1978;

Nebraska 2006

BOARD CERTIFICATION: American Board of Dermatology, 1978


Private Practice, Colorado Dermatology Center, P.C., Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, Denver, Colorado, 1979 to Present,

President, Colorado Medical Research Center, Inc., Denver, Colorado (clinical trials)

Private Practice, Dermatology, Boise, Idaho, 1978

Emergency Room Physician, Washoe Medical Center, Reno, Nevada, 1974-1975


Clinical Instructor in Dermatology, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver,

Colorado 1978 - 1984:
A. Tuesday Morning Clinic, Denver General Hospital
B. Thursday Afternoon Clinic, Colorado General Hospital

Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, 1984


American Academy of Dermatology

Colorado Dermatologic Society (President, 1992)

Colorado Medical Society

Arapahoe Medical Society

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

American Society of Liposuction Surgery

Colorado Society for Dermatologic Surgery (President, 1988-91)


* Alpha Omega Alpha (Medical Honor Society)

* Alpha Sigma Nu (Jesuit School Equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa)

* Cum Laude Graduation, 1973 Medical School Class (ranked 3rd in class of 85)

* Who's Who Among Students, 1973

* Medical School Representative, Creighton University Student Board of Governors

* Sigma Alpha Epsilon, University of California, Berkeley

* Valedictorian, Sanger High School, Sanger, California, 1975


Porter Memorial Hospital, Denver, Colorado

Swedish Medical Center, Englewood, Colorado

Craig Hospital, Englewood, Colorado

Presbyterian - St. Lukes Hospitals, Denver, Colorado

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (Affiliated Hospitals), Denver, Colorado

Southeast Colorado Hospital, Springfield, Colorado

Keefe Memorial Hospital, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado


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James M. Swinehart, M.D.

February 2010