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Dermal Grafting


Before we can "sand down the mountains", we need to "fill in the valleys". Bovine collagen (Zyderm®/Zyplast®) has been effective in this regard, but requires repeated treatments. It is now possible to permanently implant your own collagen with a method known as "DERMAL GRAFTING".

In order to accomplish this, the scars or deep skin folds are undermined (lifted up to create a pocket underneath) - initially, one to two weeks earlier, and then again on the day of the procedure.

Solid bits of collagen are then harvested from beneath the skin behind your ear. The collagen is then dissected into grafts of dermis or dermis/fat, sized exactly to fit the defects. These dermal grafts are then inserted into the pockets under the skin, elevating the skin to the desired level. Because of the fact that your own collagen is used, the grafts remain permanently part of your skin.