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Hair Loss

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You take pride in your appearance, as you well should. Recently however, the more you look in the mirror, the more you see the signs: receding temples, the top of your scalp visible through the thinning hairs in front (especially when your hair is wet) and the kidding from others about the ever-expanding bald spot on top. You have a lot of personal pride, so why not do something about your hair loss? A recent survey revealed that 92% of all individuals experiencing hair loss were unhappy about their baldness. Your anxiety is perfectly natural, and yet a confusing number of options and alternatives exist. You have heard about scalp lifts, scalp flaps, scalp extenders, minigrafts, micrografts, and follicular units. Yet, you're still nervous about surgery. Now, you ask, "which one is best for me"? "How much can I benefit from this"? "Am I a good candidate"? and, most importantly, "How natural will it look"?, "Am I a candidate for hair restoration surgery"?, "How many sessions, and how many graft sessions would I need"?, "Can I have a free virtual consultation"?,
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