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Female Hair Loss

Female Balding

The most common type of female hair loss female androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness). It is caused by the body producing androgens (male hormones). This pattern of baldness occurs in about 20% of all American women.

Women who experience female hair loss usually maintain a good hairline; the concern for women is the thinning and sparse look behind the hairline. Usually the female hair loss occurs at times of hormonal change such as contraception, childbirth, or menopause.

Hair replacement performed by Dr. Swinehart is a brilliant way of concealing female hair loss and these grafts last for a lifetime. The extent of the loss and the hair replacement solution needed depends on the particular goal of the patient experiencing female hair loss.

Often, hair clinics generalize hair replacement surgery for all patients, while Dr. Swinehart and his staff individualize the surgery to the specific patient. Advances in hair replacement technology and a growing recognition of the needs of women suffering from female hair loss issues mean that modern female hair replacement solutions tend to be much lighter with the emphasis on a natural look and an organic fit customized to the female ’s head.