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Follicular Unit Grafting

Folicular Unit Grafting

Follicular Unit Grafting is a method by which stereoscopic microscopes are used to separate large numbers of follicular units in the scalp harvested from existing hair (usually in a long strip). These strips are then microscopically dissected into grafts containing single follicular units.

Follicular Unit Grafting is the most popular procedure for restoring natural hairlines and is standard in hair transplantation today.

While many dermatology surgeons now perform follicular unit grafting, only a few have Dr. Swinehart's 29 years experience and a professional highly trained staff behind him. The challenge of using very tiny incisions and grafts to achieve ultra refined results is very demanding on the physician and staff, so we perform our follicular unit grafting procedure with skill, care, and patience to achieve cosmetic density and to ensure rapid healing.