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Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the surgical removal of hair from a certain area of the scalp and its relocation to a bald or thinned area. Hair transplantation surgery is advancing quickly. New techniques performed by Dr. Swinehart have made it possible to transplant hair from smaller donor areas of the head to more desired areas.

An average person with male or female pattern baldness has about 100,000 hairs at peak density. Out of these, only 25% of the hairs are located in the permanent donor area, which is the only source of hair available for hair transplantation surgery.

Hair from the back and sides of the head constitutes the donor area for hair transplantation because it is genetically predetermined to continue growing for life. Hair naturally grows in small groupings of one, two, three, and sometimes four hairs called "follicular units".

We take advantage of these follicular units by creating grafts from them. The donor tissue is dissected into follicular groupings using high powered state-of-the-art microscopes specially designed for hair transplantation.

In hair transplantation surgery, after the grafts are created, Dr. Swinehart places each one into tiny incisions to begin the healing and growth.