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Hair Plug Repair

Hair Plug Repair

Do your hair transplants look unnatural and "pluggy?" Hair plug repair procedures performed at Colorado Dermatology Center are designed to correct the appearance of poorly executed hair transplants and old plug-procedures. Although a “bad hair transplant” can significantly affect a person’s quality of life, recent advances in hair plug repair techniques can improve the cosmetic appearance of those who have had less-effective hair restoration procedures.

The hair plug repair procedure to improve the look of these outdated hair transplants is a specialty of Dr. Swinehart. The techniques of this procedure have improved dramatically over the past five years and Dr. Swinehart and his staff are on the cutting edge of hair plug repair surgery. Dr. Swinehart is the author of a recent article entitled "Hair Repair Surgery."

Dr. Swinehart's hair plug repair surgery exemplifies the importance of graft excision and re-implantation of donor grafts in order to achieve the best aesthetic outcome during a hair transplant repair.