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Hairline Refinement

Hairline Refinement

Hairline Refinement uses micro-grafting and single-hair grafting techniques to increase the fullness of the hairline. In Dr. Swinehart's hairline refinement procedure, he places small grafts in and around the hairline area to restore the desired look. This softens the look of the hair transplant tremendously, making it look more natural and less like a row of “plugs” that have been implanted in the scalp.

The hairline refinement technique used involves not only hairline micrografting, but also the movement of the hairline itself. These moved out areas are then left to heal naturally themselves. Also, any scarring or blemishes at the hairline can also be improved during hairline refinement surgery.

Patients today are demanding a more natural-looking hair transplant, and the pivotal and most noticeable area is at the hairline. Recent advances in hairline refinement techniques have given Dr. Swinehart the ability to meet the desires of his patients. For patients who have had previous hair transplants using less than natural techniques, thanks to hairline refinement advances, he has the ability to repair or camouflage the ‘pluggy’ look and to create an aesthetically pleasing hairline using follicular units of one or two hairs. Because of this technology, hairline refinement and repair makes up a significant portion of our hair transplant practice.