Case Studies – Creation of Fine, Natural Hairlines

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Next in our series of case studies shall be clinical examples of the creation of fine, natural HAIRLINES.  A zone of single hairs, consisting of 100-200 follicles, is implanted at the desired location.  This is closely followed by a zone of 100-180 2-hair micrografts immediately behind the single hairs.  The anterior hairline zone is then covered with      3-hair micrografts.  Follicular units (intact donor groupings) of 1, 2, or 3 hairs are dissected under magnification and are implanted using magnifiers into needle slits with ultrafine jeweler’s forceps.

If you viewed only the “after” photos in these three cases, could you tell that they had received transplants?  If not, then you can appreciate the attention to detail necessary in creation of beautiful hairlines in hair restoration surgery:  300 or more micrografts have been placed into a frontal zone only 1 cm wide!

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James M. Swinehart, M.D., President
Colorado Dermatology Center

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