Case Studies – Diffuse Thinning of Scalp Hair

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Patients with DIFFUSE  THINNING of the scalp hair, due to male pattern baldness or female pattern alopecia, may have already tried Rogaine®.  Men may see some benefit on the posterior scalp with Propecia® – but must take this for the rest of their lives in order to maintain the growth.

Now, with extensive micrografting utilizing microscopic follicular units containing 1-4 hairs each, we can prevent the visual appearance of baldness.  The existing hairs are left undisturbed –but the tiny bundles of follicular bulbs are meticulously inserted under magnification into tiny needle holes in between the patient’s remaining scalp hairs.  We can also recreate the “whorl” on the posterior crown, and graft into areas of anticipated future thinning at the edges of the balding scalp.

Micrografting is both an art and a science.  Recently, the insertion of 1,720 micrografts took us 7 hours for the physician and four surgical assistants.  We have performed over 1,500 grafts in a single session in a female with familial thinning, and over 1,800 micrografts in several men.  However, the fruits of this labor are well worth the effort.

Enclosed please find case studies of my patients with diffuse thinning of the scalp hair.   Patients may view more photos as

James M. Swinehart, M.D., President
Colorado Dermatology Center

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