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Liposculpture of Abdomen, Hips, "Saddle Bags", and Thighs.
Body contouring of abdomen, midriff, and "love handles."

Body Contouring with Tumescent Liposculpture (as seen on “20/20”)

Liposuction: Dermatologist? Or Plastic Surgeon?

The TUMESCENT TECHNIQUE, pioneered by a California Dermatologic Surgeon, is now the Standard of Care for liposuction fat removal. “Tumescence” means “puffing up with liquid” (dilute local anesthetic)

When TUMESCENT LIPOSUCTION is performed by a DERMATOLOGIC SURGEON, under Local Anesthesia, with dilute Lidocaine, there has never been a death in this country, to our knowledge.

In contrast, PLASTIC SURGEONS, utilizing GENERAL ANESTHESIA (now obsolete for liposuction), or I.V. sedation, have suffered at least 130 patient deaths in the U.S.A. alone when performing suctioning (“suction lipectomy”).

TUMMY TUCKS (surgical Abdominoplasty) have a very high complication rate.

Before & After Photos by Age, Sex & Body Area

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